Surge Arrestors

The dangers of old switchboards & information on Surge arrestors

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Old switchboards are especially prone to short-circuits or failure. Fuses for example can be particularly dangerous, as fuses can catch fire easily in our humid conditions. There is also a greater chance that they can fail & cause electric shock or just fail, leaving your family without power.

With our switchboard upgrade & installation options you know you have all the safety of new RCD’s, main switches & circuit breakers. The option to upgrade with a hot water system timer or surge arrester is also a good idea. The HWS uses up to a 1/4 of the power in most households, so having a timer installed will cut down these unnecessary expenses, this could save quite an amount of power if you have a large family.

Our surge arresters really are a must if you are living in the NT especially if you have large TV’s, computers, electronic ovens or appliances including workshop equipment, washing machines and other electronic equipment. More and more these appliances are having to be replaced after being affected by surges caused by lightning or Electrical transmission switching that may cause voltage spikes that can travel down the main incoming cables to your main switchboard. These simple surge arresters can Save you thousands on equipment replacement costs.​

Everything has an amount of time that it is rated for before it should be replaced. Especially when it comes to Electrical equipment in Perth SOR, Electrical equipment is rated for 25 years before it should be replaced in optimal conditions. In Perth SOR we live in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Especially when it comes to electrical. If you have old ceramic breakers or old fuses, especially in our humid environment, you should really consider upgrading your switchboard to a safer & more reliable option. This also relates to the switchboards weather handling abilities.

Adams switchboard fuses were beyond their used by date. The only way is to ask a professional Perth SOR Electrician. Can you afford to gamble with your family life?

This is how Adams switchboard looked like. it had water ingress, faulty fuses, faulty house wiring & was an accident waiting to happen

This is the final result. A new board tested & Certified by a licenced, insured Electrical Contractor. The Surge arrestor was also installed to protect his home from Power surges.

Another Happy ACAI Electrical Perth SOR Contractor customer.