Cook Tops

ACAI recommends that if you are going to install a cooktop have it installed by a certified, fully insuranced experienced professional in Perth SOR. There are so many cowboys up here in the Top End its hard to tell. Ask to see their Contractors card & insurance. If something goes wrong, you want to know you are covered & not left paying the bill. Our experienced installer will always install cooktops as per manufacturers instructions. They will also show you how to operate your new equipment before they go & clean up after themselves. Shown below are the main areas that you must consider before you select your cooktop in our experience.

  • How much room have you got in your kitchen. There are a couple of sizes to choose from & remember the bigger you go the less bench space you have. So make sure the size reflects your family size as well.
  • Consider the style of cooking you wish to undertake. For example Asian dishes usually involve a large Wok so a Wok burner is the best option. If you like slow cooking dishes then low heat ratings are important. Also if you are into deep frying you can now buy deep fryers.
  • Whether or not you want gas or electric. If you install a gas cooker around a tiled splash back for example the tiles can crack due to the rapid speed at which the area heats up & cools down.
  • make sure the range hood is at the recommended manufacturers specifications. Especially when it comes to height above the cooktop as here in our extreme NT environment, if it is too close it can reduce its life expectancy. This can also reduce its operating performance.
  • ​Energy efficiency is also an important consideration. As the Cook Top is a major contributor to power consumption in the home it can save you money over the life of the appliance. It is especially important when solar power is involved.
  • ​Remember the cost of changing from electrical to gas can cost up to $1,000 compared to an electric Cook Top which will cost half that for complete installation. Also with Electric you don’t have to worry about paying to fill up gas bottles when they run out.
  • Don’t be mistaken even if you pay big dollars for your appliances you still might get a raw deal. Like Mary O’Brian she spent top dollar on her oven & cooktop only to find that after a surge which could have been diverted by a surge arrestor, her appliances were useless. She also found out the hard way that not only was Baumatic not supported by an extensive warranty such as that supplied by The Good Guys but the replacement parts were too expensive or obsolete. So always buy trusted & reputed brands.
  • ​Always ensure a gasket is installed as shown below to protect the cooktop from cracking & also to protect the bench top.

Here are few cooktops that we have installed in the Perth SOR location.