Split Air Conditioners & decommissioning equipment

​​Split Air Conditioners – Choosing the best equipment

Is the market leader in refrigeration equipment. Those Germans really know what they are doing. I believe in the best equipment & work methods. The torque wrench is to ensure all fittings are done up to manufacturers specifications. I also use special refrigerant oil when creating & doing flared nuts up to ensure there are no micro tears in the copper tubing which can create leaks down the track. in the form of micro fractures as the copper ages.

I also use the best gas reclaiming equipment to ensure the environment is not damaged when collecting gas from old Air Conditioners to dispose of the gasses safely in Perth SOR. I am also using a new refrigerant called R32 that is totally ozone friendly.

This gives me both the pride of good workmanship & the knowledge that I am doing all that I can to protect our precious environment.