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To celebrate the Easter holiday, we are offering TWO FREE HIGH BAY LED LIGHTS WITH EVERY POWERFOIL X3.0 FAN PURCHASE!  (savings value of $1,500).

Let Powerfoil X3.0 transform your facility into a comfortable environment, with wall-to-wall coverage of high-volume low-speed air movement making you feel up to 6°C cooler. It’s engineered to withstand even the toughest of industrial spaces and requires zero maintenance. Our energy-efficient High Bay LEDs are instantly bright and built to maintain 70% of initial light output for 150,000 hours!

And because comfortable workers are more productive, you can be rest assured your facility has the tools to perform at top productivity with the highest attention to detail.


ACAI Electrical & Air Conditioning Services will help you with the following installations:

  • Energy efficient air conditioning system replacements, including reverse cycle models that provide heating must fit the following criteria:-

Cooling output Energy                                 Efficiency star rating

Up to 3kW                                                           At least 5 stars
3.1kW to 5kW                                                     At least 3.5 stars
5.1kW to 7kW                                                     At least 3 stars
7.1kW to 8kW                                                     At least 2.5 stars
Above 8kW                                                         At least 2 stars

  • Replacement of an existing pool pump with a new variable
  • Replacement of incandescent or halogen lighting with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting

We are also offering a free Surge arrestor with every installation under this scheme to protect your electronic equipment.