Month: November 2017

Smoke Alarms

A smoke formed can be life-threatening and damage your property to an irreversible state. A smoke can be cause from fire outbreak, electrical short-circuit, or an accident related to fire. To save yourself and your property from this situation all you have to do is install a smoke alarm in your Perth SOR property and live your life peacefully. There are different kinds of smoke detectors and depending on your affordability and space to be covered you can contact us for the further information. Some of the detectors work on the principle of ionization and radioactivity whereas others might work on the basis of light sensors.



We are so proud of our customer service at ACAI Electrical Perth SOR that we want to have the opportunity to show you. So every month at ACAI Electrical Perth SOR we have a product on sale. This means that we are practically giving away this product. Is for direct replacement only.